Ahmed El Adawy

Setting a target to achieve your goal is how Inertia’s dream became a reality. We established Inertia towards the end of 2007. Ever since, we pledged to introduce a new concept to Egypt’s real estate market by giving a new meaning to the word ‘home’.

The moment Inertia’s team identifies an opportunity as a residential project, it goes through a list of requirements that are important to create the home feeling concept. In other words, our clients are our number one priority from the moment we decide on a specific development.

We don’t build projects, we build homes. We nurture our properties through well preparations and planning to cover all important living aspects. By the time we finish them, they become communities not just assembled units.

With a keen team and extensive research, we work towards providing our clients with distinctive developments that they can consider tailor-made comfort zones.

By developing more than one development and having them fall under one umbrella, we are proud to have established a noble reputation within the industry. With the diversity in our location choices, sizes, prices and designs, we aim to fulfill our residents’ needs and customize our developments to their convenience.