Inertia is a prominent real estate company that provides high quality, modern homes in different parts of Egypt. We have been established since 2007 and have been growing in status ever since.

Inertia is a leading Egyptian real estate company that develops distinctive, valuable, and dynamic projects in different parts of Egypt. From our inception in 2007, Inertia has been thriving; we are renowned for projects that cater to today's cosmopolitan clientele, whether in the energetic Cairo, by the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea, or on the enchanting Red Sea. Inertia provides more than just properties, we aim to establish a close-knit and active community. As a subsidiary of Inertia Holding Group, we are selective with our properties as we only choose distinguished projects that offer valuable homes and a gratifying lifestyle aligned with contemporaneous needs. Our developments range from cutting edge medical centres such as Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, Medipoint Mena Plaza; residential properties like West Hills, Soleya, Brix, Joulz in Cairo, G Cribs in El Gouna, Veranda in Sahl Hasheesh, and the mega-project Jefaira in the North Coast. In every project, Inertia ensures estimable developments with immaculate designs, overlooking scenic vistas, and a warm, vibrant community. Today, Inertia’s properties are peerless, guaranteeing their residents quality of design, service, and ambiance.

Our Philosophy

As a premium homebuilding company, we want you to have absolute confidence when buying a new home from us. That is why community stands at the heart of INERTIA. We strive to challenge conventional lifestyles and provide a higher standard of living to those people who join our “family”.

We aspire to create flawlessly designed developments that show our commitment to innovation and quality, allowing residents to feel at home from day one. By consciously selecting exceptional locations across Egypt, we deliver a lifestyle to our residents that suit them perfectly, putting their interests and needs first.

INERTIA is not just a developer we go beyond that in the following aspects:
  • Choosing Our Projects

    From the first moment INERTIA team identifies a potential development opportunity it goes through a process that is germane to creating the home-feel concept. In other words, we think about our clients from the moment we decide on a specific development.

  • Property Development

    We don’t build projects we build homes. We nurture our properties in a manner that covers all-important living aspects; by the time we finish building the new homes they become close-knit communities.

  • Real Estate

    To prevent any hassle to our distinctive communities we’ve decided to manage not only selling our properties but also to manage rentals and resale as well.

  • Pricing Strategy

    We have a value-based outlook when it comes to pricing our homes. We make sure that our clients receive value that exceeds their expectations in return for their investment.

  • Local Community

    We engage the local community to make sure it benefits from our developments; this is reflected in our all year round CSR projects.